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6 things I learn't from running my own online store

I've been running my online store for over two years now, and I've built others as well - and here's a few valuable lessons I learn't and would love to share with anyone starting out.

1. Master your user experience - Keep in mind that your store is a functional store and not just a pretty website. You want to keep it SUPER user friendly for your shopper. A website that's difficult to navigate can immediately put off a customer. When it comes to e-commerce, I highly recommend you hire an expert to build your store, this will pay off in the long run!

2. Get your photography game on! Take some pretty pictures of your products and make them look appealing. Put yourself in the customers shoes, and think about what YOU would buy. If you can't take great pictures, consider creating mockups. This is a great way to customise and make your pictures pretty. Keep in mind that you need a software like photoshop to edit mock ups.

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3. Prioritise relationships over sales - If you have to choose between closing a sale or making a relationship, choose the latter. Sometimes you may some across a customer who has questions about a product or wants a tiny customisation. Build a relationship with a customer rather than just turning them away. This will really profit your business in the long run!

4. Add that personal touch - People like interacting with a person rather than a company. Send your shipments to your customers with a personal handwritten note! Tell them how much you appreciate their business and maybe ask them to share their new purchase on social media!

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5. Personalise your customers experience - This is a great way to make your customer feel valued and at home at your store. Create loyalty codes for regular customers with their names, that offer them a discount or free shipping on their next order.

6. Make sure you have a GREAT quality product - Lastly but most importantly, make sure you have a great quality product. This is something that will make customers come back to your store. Leave room in your budget for reprints or do-overs so you can make sure your customers get something great!