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Guide to moving your business online 2

Part 2: Setting up a platform to sell

In order to set up a platform to sell, here’s what you need to do:

1. Buy a domain - this is your address on the internet. is an example of a domain. You can buy a domain on Godaddy.

2. Decide where you will host and build your site

So you have an address but no physical home. Buying your physical home on the internet is your hosting. Where you manage your website content is called your content management system (CMS) If you use a tool to build your website - thats your site builder (which will also help you manage your content too)

Choosing the best platform for ecommerce depends a lot on your geographical location. For example - make sure the platform allows you to list your products in your currency and can incorporate your payment gateway. Each platform charges a monthly/annual fee for hosting your website. These can vary from $80 - $250 annually. Here are some options you can review:

Wordpress with a woo commerce plug in - keep in mind you need a some knowledge on how to use Wordpress here. Or you may need to work with a developer

Strikingly - You need no tech knowledge here. Some design sense would be great though.

Platform provides limited payment gateway options, but its super easy to set up and start running. You need a pro account to run a store.

Squarespace - This is my go to platform of choice. You can build a stunning beautiful responsive site, and it's fairly easy to set up. You do however have limited currency and payment gateway options. (contact me if you need a longer trial or discount code)

Wix - Fairly easy to set up with flexible options

Shopify - Fairly easy to set up with a wide verity of options. Trial periods are limited to 14 days so contact me if you want a longer trial period here.

Link your domain and your payment gateway to your new website. Each platform should have a guide on how to do this, just google it! If you think it’s too complicated you could reach out to a developer.

Start selling online!!

If you feel like you need more guidance through this process, go ahead and book a consultation call with me, and let’s see how we can work together to get your business up and selling!