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Guide to moving your business online 3

Drop-shipping for artists

If you don't have manufacturing, stocking and delivery sorted:

There’s an option that exists for some kinds of businesses where you don't need to make your physical end product yourself, There are ways and platforms that make this easier. For example If you are an artist and need want manufacturing, warehousing and fulfilment to be taken care of my another party while you just create art - consider looking into ‘drop shipping’

Broadly, Dropshipping is a process where the seller accepts customer orders, and the products are manufactured, stocked and shipped from elsewhere. 

For artists, Options exist for you create art and upload it to a platform and that company creates and sells merchandise on your behalf and you collect the profits. A popular drop shipping platform for artist you can look at is PRINTFUL

Most drop shipping platforms need you to have a website or an online storefront. Each platform will have a simple tutorial on how to integrate your storefront with your drop shipping products.

Dropshipping exists for a variety of products and there are entrepreneurs who resell anything that is available to resell. If this is you- go ahead and explore this option as well.

If you feel like you need more guidance through this process, go ahead and book a consultation call with me, and let’s see how we can work together to get your business up and selling!