• The Whistler in the Wind, Akshay Rajkumar

    Two Illustrated book cover designs for author Akshay Rajkumar

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    The Whistler in the Wind was one of the most fulfilling and challenging projects I have worked on till date. This project took months to complete, going back and forth on briefs. We finally froze on the 'Vincent Van Ghoh' inspired look for the cover.


    After much extensive illustration and digital paining, texturing and coffee - the desired look was achieved.


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    After the artwork and the type were set, we got into the technicalities of cover layouts and publishing requirements. The first cover was intended for local circulation and the latter for international bookstores.


    You can buy the book here.


    client: www.tenletterword.com

    Photography: William chang

  • Putting your name on the map - AAA business solutions

    Customised Notebooks for a leading signage company in India.

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    Customised Notebooks for a leading signage company in India. The client, AAA Business Solutions, wanted creative, quirky fun giveaways for their clients.

  • The Charity Wall, U&I

    Custom office space wall design for U&I trust.


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    A few years ago I wrote a blog article about my journey working at u&i. This line in particular seemed to resonate with a lot of people. One day I sketched it out on paper rather spontaneously, and after I posted it online - people absolutely loved it and wanted to buy it.


    When u&i set up their national HQ in Bangalore - they wanted this piece up on one of their walls - So i re-did the pencil sketch into a type artwork that could be lazer cut and stuck on a 6 foot tall wall. It was my first time working on something this size (literally!) so it was fun and a great learning experience!


    This piece is also available on products at my store






  • TEDx presentation, Satish Manchikanti, U&I 

    A fully illustrated presentation for a Ted(X) Talk by Satish Manchikanti, co- founder of U&I

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    This presentation tells the story of U&I. I illustrated these slides for satish's first Ted(x) talk.


    The presentation highlights the economic problem in India, which is the great divide between the rich and the poor, and goes on to talk about how education can solve that problem.


    The image on the left - is Satish's personal story of how his great Indian dream was initially leaving India behind, but his path brought him right back to help impact and address one of the greatest issues our nation faces - the education crisis.

  • Anxiety Disorder Awareness by Creative Wellness

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    An illustration for a campaign run by Neha Christopher, a dance and movement psychotherapist

  • The King's Table

    Menu design with custom illustrations for The Kings Table.

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    Menu design with custom illustrations for The Kings Table.


    Client: The Kings Table, Hennur

    Logo Design: Benjamin Thomas

  • #EverydaylifeCartoons

    A personal ongoing illustration project on my social media

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