• Brand Identity

    Brand Identity, Strategy and collateral for companies and campaigns

  • GIST Foundation

    Brand Identity + Web design for a non profit working to see more Indian girls pursue STEM.

    GIST is a non profit organisation based in Bangalore, India


    The project involved developing the Brand Identity, Strategy and Narrative for GIST.

    The visual concept was built around the vision of working towards changing the status quo and the statistics around women in STEM globally


    View live site:



  • Design for people

    Brand Identity + Web redesign for an architecture & interior design firm based in Bangalore.

    Design for people is an architecture & interior design firm based in Bangalore, India


    The project involved developing a new Brand Identity, stationery and revamped web design to go with their new branding as well


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  • Diya Ghar

    Brand Identity + Web design & development for a Montessori pre school for migrant children.

    Diyaghar is a Montessori pre school for migrant children. based in India


    Diyaghar's fun colourful kid centric brand Identity was strategically crafted to communicate both the use of the montessori method in education and the fun aspect of learning.


    We developed their website as well.


    View live site: https://www.diyaghar.org/

  • World On Points.

    Brand Identity + web design & development for an American travel blogger

    World on Points is a travel blog that talks about destinations across the world and savvy ways of experiencing them using points and miles, particularly if you are travelling from the United States.


    The project involved developing a Brand Identity, web design and consulting on a social media strategy .


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  • The Run for One Campaign

    Fundraising Campaign - Brand Identity, Strategy and Campaign Collateral


    Run for One was a fundraising campaign conducted by U&I, a Bangalore based non profit while they participated in the TCS world 10k marathon.


    The campaign brand was created to inspire/motivate each runner to sponsor a single child, a class or a centre.


    The campaign collateral consisted of printed brochures, celebrity endorsement films, social media posts and a webpage.







    Landing page

  • Be Someone's Hero

    Volunteer Drive - Brand Identity, Strategy and Campaign Collateral

    Be Someone's Hero was a volunteer drive campaign created to recruit college student volunteers across India to educate underprivileged children.


    The campaign brand and strategy were created with the super hero angle keeping up with the avengers craze of the time. The project involved developing the concept, Brand Identity, Strategy and Campaign Collateral and films for the campaign.

  • Leave your Mark

    Fundraising Campaign - Brand Identity ,Strategy and Campaign Collateral

    Leave your mark was a fully illustrated campaign designed for an organisation running for the TCS world 10k marathon In Bangalore, India. The project involved developing the concept, Brand Identity, Strategy and Campaign Collateral.

    Social Media Collateral

  • The Great Indian Charity Raffle

    Fundraising Campaign - Brand Identity ,Strategy and Campaign Collateral

    The Great Indian Charity Raffle was a fundraising campaign created for a non profit organisation in India


    The project involved developing the concept, Brand Identity, Strategy and Campaign Collateral. which included a landing page and raffle tickets, brochures and so on.

    Raffle Tickets

    Landing Page

  • Web Design

    Web design projects for pre existing established brands

  • Selah Mumbai

    Web design & development for a C3 Global church based in Mumbai


    When the Coronavirus Pandemic hit, churches had to move to an online church model. Selah, which had recently rebranded, needed to create an online platform for their users to quickly access online church services, resources and their individual connect groups as well. This is version 1.0 of Selah online!


    The pictures across the website were shot by the one and only, Joshua Karthik

    Selah Mumbai branding by Neethi Isaac


    View live site:



    and the client said "You did it in such short notice and with clarity, simplicity and creativity. Thank YOU!!!!"

  • Salt 'n' Light Concept Store.

    Web design & development for an online concept store based in India

  • An E-commerce website we designed and developed for a lovely concept store based in India. They were the most fun team to work with!


    Salt N Light had been selling their products through amazon and they wanted to build and manage their own platform where they could sell their products, take customised orders and have a more interactive space for their brand online. The team at Salt N Light are loving their new online home!


    View live site:



    and the client said "the site is so much more than I imagined it to be!"


  • Naveen Thomas Joseph.

    Web design & development for Indian guitar virtuoso Naveen Thomas Joesph.

  • Website design for the one and only, Naveen Thomas Joseph!

    This was such a fun project to work on together with my partner Sam Thomas.


    Naveen was looking for a sleek, strong and functional online presence with this website. The project involved strategy and planning to make this space really represent the person of Naveen Thomas Joseph online.


    Credit to Nathan Dcoutho for the stunning photography and Frank Anthony for the logo design.


    View live site:


  • Frame of Mind

    Web design and development for Frame of Mind, a film production company.

  • Frame of Mind is an award winning production house involved in producing corporate, advertising and documentary films based in India.

    The client wanted a complete revamp of their website to better reflect their brand with the functionality of a video wall grid and a built in video player.


    View live site at www.frameofmind.tv

  • Illustrations

    Illustration projects for various organisations

  • The Whistler in the Wind, Akshay Rajkumar

    Two Illustrated book cover designs for author Akshay Rajkumar

    The Whistler in the Wind was one of the most fulfilling and challenging projects I have worked on till date. This project took months to complete, going back and forth on briefs. We finally froze on the 'Vincent Van Ghoh' inspired look for the cover.


    After much extensive illustration and digital paining, texturing and coffee - the desired look was achieved.


    After the artwork and the type were set, we got into the technicalities of cover layouts and publishing requirements. The first cover was intended for local circulation and the latter for international bookstores.


    You can buy the book here.


    client: www.tenletterword.com

    Photography: William chang

  • The Charity Wall, U&I

    Custom office space wall design for U&I trust.


    A few years ago I wrote a blog article about my journey working with U&I. This line in particular seemed to resonate with a lot of people. One day I sketched it out on paper rather spontaneously, and after I posted it online - people absolutely loved it.


    When u&i set up their national HQ in Bangalore - they wanted this piece up on one of their walls - So i re-did the pencil sketch into a type artwork that could be lazer cut and stuck on a 6 foot tall wall.


    This piece is also available on products at my store






  • TEDx presentation, Satish Manchikanti, U&I 

    A fully illustrated presentation for a Ted(X) Talk by Satish Manchikanti, co- founder of U&I

    This presentation tells the story of U&I, one of Indias fasted growing non profit organisations. I illustrated these slides for the co-founder - Satish's first Ted(x) talk.


    The presentation highlights the economic problem in India, which is the great divide between the rich and the poor, and goes on to talk about how education can solve that problem.


    The image on the left - is Satish's personal story of how his great Indian dream was initially leaving India behind, but his path brought him right back to help impact and address one of the greatest issues our nation faces - the education crisis.

  • #EverydaylifeCartoons

    A personal ongoing illustration project on my social media. Follow the fun on my instagram account

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